Nordische Oelwerke Carroux

Since it was founded in 1921, Nordische Oelwerke has been regarded as an expert in oils and fats. As a quality-driven company we produce a range of intermediary products for the oleochemical sector. Our premium glycerol, distilled fatty acids and vegetable oils are sought after raw materials used for cosmetics, food, tobacco and pharmaceutical products, as well as for resins, paints, varnishes and rubbers. Whether in-house production or for merchandise Nordische Oelwerke is always a reliable partner. Small orders are finished just as meticulously as larger batches. We strive to meet our customers’ requirements, even at short notice. Speak to us today about what we can do for you.

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Our Products

Fatty Acids

One of our areas of expertise is distilled fatty acids. Take a look at our range of products.

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When it comes to manufacturing glycerol we have extensive expertise.

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Oils & Fats

Oils & fats are another of our key competencies. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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Our in-house laboratory guarantees consistent high quality when it comes to the raw materials we use and our finished products.

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Here is an overview of the vacancies currently advertised.

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