On 10 October 1921 Emil Carroux launched Nordische Oelwerke by importing raw palm oil from the Congo. In 1934, production began at the Industriestrasse site in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. Since then the company has specialised in distilling fatty acids from oil and fats. The company added high-class glycerol production to its portfolio in the 1960s. Today, we look back at almost one hundred years of global trade relations with pride. Nordische Oelwerke is an owner-managed company and has remained in the hands of family Carroux since it was founded. As the fourth generation at the helm of this traditional Hanseatic enterprise, Thomas Carroux is keen to drive innovation within the field.

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Our Vision

Nordische Oelwerke sees increasingly sustainable production processes as both their responsibility and their obligation.


Over the next few years, we hope the increasing pace of technical change will serve as an opportunity to meet our responsibilities towards people and the planet by improving sustainability across our production processes and products. Executive partner Thomas Carroux attaches great importance to staff at all levels understanding the importance of an eco-friendly approach.